Dental implants

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The term has the Latin word for "seedling" - do "planta", and with good reason:

Dentistry: The patient is fixed prosthesis with artificial roots.

Even then,
• if patients already for years suffer from tooth loss,
• when there is little bone is present,
• if it is a single tooth,
• if a complete set of teeth must be restored.


Talking to experts treatment options and treatment alternatives are considered.

Intact jawbone? Boneless volume an implant does not have good chances.

What to do? A bone grafting treatment before insertion of an implant.

Tooth preservation: In a dental implant adjacent teeth remain intact and preserve their substance.

The new tooth root: biocompatible titanium.

In jawbone: The dental implant prevents
shrinks 1.dass the jaw
2.dass gums is reduced.

Custom: The crown is made in the dental laboratory of Dental Clinic Essen to the needs of each patient.

"Crowning" Kill: The implant the tooth crown (the visible new "tooth") is attached.


New quality of life with dental implants

• Solid, resilient denture that does not slip.
• No complaints by neighboring teeth.
• No more inflammation by bruises.
• You can also chew everything again.
• One can quite impressive.
• vitality and self-confidence.
• Long-term, usually life-long solution.

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