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Your specialist for root canal treatment

Welcome to our website!

"Endodontics" are exclusively performed endodontics limited since 2004 to endodontics in the. Other dental services are not provided to us.

Fully concentrated to a small field of dentistry, our entire dental activity, as our training, technical equipment, organizational processes, premises, etc. is tuned to a maximum of Endodontics. Thus we achieve optimum performance for you. Together with your dentist we strive so exhausting all possibilities to preserve your tooth. For this you usually get from your dentist a referral to us.

Even without reference you may like to come to us. At your request we are happy to take over the further consultation with your dentist for you.

Learn on the following pages about the specialty of endodontics as specialty of Dentistry and what we can do for you. You will also find further information about the course of treatment with us about root canal treatment and alternative therapies.

Ask about your dentists for Endodontics

Do you want an individual consultation please arrange an appointment by telephone in endodontics, so that we can accurately examine and advise. Requests for advice by email, we are unable to answer.

For colleagues is a first information for referring physicians available. Also, we have some case studies provided, so you can get an impression of our work

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