Whitening Teeth

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White teeth: They are a sign of health, a neater appearance, promote self-confidence, sense of life, and even the success.

Tooth color: foods such as coffee, tea or red wine can darken teeth. Even tobacco and even drugs have influence on the tooth color. What can you do about it?

The term whitening means "bleaching": The process takes about 90 minutes. It is a cosmetic treatment that is not paid for the health insurance.

I. step: dental cleaning, removal of tartar. Mechanical aids ensure that the teeth really exposed easily accessible.

. II Step: A thin plastic layer protects the gums.

III. Step: The teeth are contains with a gel, the bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide), coated. After every 20 minutes from the expert, the gel and stroking a new on, until the desired shade is reached. With a LED lamp of the bleaching process is activated.

It may lead to short-term sensitivity to heat and cold.

Important: We advise you in the dental clinic individually to bleaching.

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